Ellorine Carle

Barnard College Sophomore

4778 Altschul, New York, NY 10027
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Hello! My name is Ellorine Carle and I am a current sophomore at Barnard College. I am a prospective Economics major and Statistics minor. I plan to pursue a master's degree in agricultural economics. My career goal is to work in public policy or finance related to agriculuture.


Technical Skills

I am proficient in the following computer programs:

  1. Microsoft Office
  2. Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator
  3. R, for statistical analysis
  4. HTML and CSS
  5. Google Docs

Communication Skills

I am an experienced public speaker. Through my participation in 4-H, I took on leadership roles, such as President of my club and Director of 4-H Camp. These positions have helped me develop strong communication skills (both oral and written) and the ability to work well in a group. I also served as District 3 Dairy Princess in 2014, which is a program that enables young women to serve as advocates for the dairy industry. I have spoken at many events, and visited elementary school classes to teach school children about dairy products and nutrition.

Writing Skills

I am an experienced writer, as I have worked on my high school and college newspaper, along with taking rigorous English courses throughout high school and college.

Jobs and Volunteering Experiences

Columbia Daily Spectator, College Newspaper: 08/2014-Present

Sports Associate Editor and Staff designer for the weekly print and online publication. I cover various varsity sports and edit articles written by my peers, along with making graphics and designing the layout for all sections of the paper.

Articles I've published:

Barnard Bartending Agency: 3/2015-Present

Bartender and party helper for the agency run through Barnard College.

Columbia University Kayaking Club: 12/2014-Present

Treasurer of the club. In charge of all finance matters related to membership, trip costs, and gear orders.

Barlas Feeds: 07/2015-08/2015

Worked as a sales associate for the livestock feed and hay store, designed and launched company website, and digitalized company records.

Columbia University Calling Center: 09/2014-12/2014

Worked in the telefundrasing center for Columbia University, soliciting donations from alumni, parents and friends of the school.

Math Tutor: 07/2012-07/2014

Tutored Pre Algebra through Geometry two times per week. I assisted the students with homework and test preparation.

4-H Camp Counselor: 07/2011-07/2014

Volunteered at a youth summer camp for one week each summer. During my last year, I was director of the camp, meaning that I was in charge of assigning jobs to other counselors and running the camp.

High School Newspaper Staff Member: 08/2011-06/2014

Volunteered as a writer and editor for my high school's monthly newspaper. During my senior year, I served as Editor-in-Chief.

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