Our Mission

pure(white)water was created by a group of environmentally conscious white water kayakers who are committed to preserving the rivers that we paddle on. The organization is located within the Columbia University community, though we are hoping to expand our work to other college campuses and other whitewater paddling groups.

Our goal is to improve the health of our waterways in three ways: through cleanups, advocacy, and education

We are planning a number of river cleanups for the spring semester in the New York City area.

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We believe that everyone has a stake in the health of our rivers and that individual efforts can go a long way. We created a paddler's pledge to help promote clean waterways and waste reduction.

The Paddler's Pledge

  • I pledge to never pollute the rivers I'm paddling on.
  • I pledge to become more aware of the non-recyclable waste I produce and make an effort to reduce it.
  • I pledge to partake in a river clean up at least once per year.
  • I pledge to educate my fellow paddlers about importance of our waterways.

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We are committed to educating fellow paddlers and our local communities about the importance of clean waterways. We've complied a list of educational websites and articles below: